The best #RIPTwitter tweets curated by a human

The Twittersphere went berzerk yesterday when a rumor circulated that the Twitter timeline would be handed over to an algorithm with complete control over what you (the Twitter user) would see first in your (no longer personalized) timeline. The chaos ensued for several hours until Twitter’s fearless leader @jack swooped in with a Tweetstorm (not a 10,000 charachter dissertation) to assuage fears and bring order to the matrix. 

Power users, shareholders, and even God stepped into the fray; proving again that Twitter’s core user base is nothing if not passionate for the product. Disclaimer: Tweets appearing in this blog post were not curated by an algorithm: 







For miserable shareholders like me, here are a few tweets related to $TWTR the stock:



This guy is eternally bullish:


@beckyHiu and I were inspired to create polls. You can vote here:

And finally here’s @jack (you cannot tell from his Twitter profile but he’s the CEO of Twitter)





And my two favorites:



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